Well how did this start?  I have always enjoyed any type of contact or extreme sport.  I have done martial arts for 32 years, so I have had plenty of contact.  I enjoy doing rock climbing, bmx, mountain biking and anything else on two or four wheels.  I believe in being fit in mind and body.  I don’t like bullies or people that think they are better than other people.  We are all different and thank goodness for that.  Bearded Mohawk Company isn’t about having a beard and a mohawk, but if you do, Awesome.  It is a way of thinking, it is an attitude.  Be an individual, be true to yourself.  Believe in yourself enough to not let other people crush your dreams.  You can do or be anything you can dream up.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Get the Bearded Mohawk attitude.  I have it.